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Our most effective facial treatment is "photo facial".

Photo is the most effective treatment for several symptoms including spots and freckles caused by ultraviolet, wrinkle, sag, closing the pores, shiny skin, and smaller face. Our photo treatment uses flashing light (IPL:Intense Pulsed Light) that is gentle for your skin.

IPL is not a laser. The IPL does not give damages on your skin and is a method improving skin by itself from the inside of the skin. After IPL treatment, you can makeup immediately as usual. We want you know more of IPL as beauty method.

A secret of the popularity of our Photo Facial

We asked to our customers. The reason why you chose photo facial of HILO?

1. I was going to a clinic, but too expensive every time. But Salon HILO's Photo Facial is reasonable and there is not so difference in effect.
2. Salon HILO is not a clinic but they are giving quite good beauty treatment. And there is NOT an unnecessary recommendation.
3. There is a free cleansing service.
4. There is a course includes facial hand massage before IPL treatment.
5. Some cosmetics are the same as beauty clinic.

Principle of the Photo Facial

Photo Facial treatment

Send only light of a specific wavelength instantaneously.

1Send only light of a specific wavelength instantaneously
2Absorb light energy against mainly melanine in skin surface (the cause for spot) and blood vessels.
3Melanine absorbing energy is treated as foreign matters within the skin inner and begins to discharge into the skin surface. When the temperature of blood vessels rises, fiber cells with collagen formation process will be activated.
4Promote creation of collagen and shorten the skin’s turnover.
5Discharge waste materials such as spots into the skin’s surface.

What are the differences in Photo Facial between our Salon and another Salon?

Wave length

The wave length of the light that is easy to be absorbed in melanin and blood vessel is clarified by medically and scientifically. Our machine is controling this wavelenght strictly and flashing relatively high energy of the light. We can see many Salon menu as a photo facial, but

  • Their machine is not controling needed wavelenght strictly.
  • The power of the flashing light is relatively low.
    arrow Therefore some salon's treatment is not so effective! And you can NOT feel the improvement of the skin at all...

For the customer who could NOT feel the improvement of the skin at all in another Salon, please come to our Salon HILO!

And for the people who go to clinic and is feeling too expensive, please come to our Salon HILO! The effective of the Photo Facial treatment you can feel is as same as clinic and our Salon HILO almost.

The Point to getting a beautiful skin!

IPL Facial Handle

Photo Facial is the most effective treatment which improve your skin problems.


Warning It is not a method to change at once dramatically. Your skin gradually changes by itself from the inside of the skin. So it is important to continueing treatment few times or more.

Warning Please come to our Salon once a month and keep coming at least 3 times or more, you can feel the difference of your skin type. After 3 sessions, please come once in two months.

Photo Facial trial course

Offcause the effect of Photo Facial is depend on the person and the skin condition, but quite effective treatment compared with another treatment. We want you to experience this treatment.

1. Make a Reservation

Calling woman

Please make a resavation by Web Form or call us. You can stop by our salon any time, but you might wait more than 30 min. most of all the times.
If you have any question, please call us first of all. If there is not English speaker at that time, English speaker will call you back later.
Free trial/counseling

2. The first visit


Welcome to HILO! May I help you?
Please tell your name to the esthetician at the reception.

Please fill in a hearing sheet. Based on the that sheet, we are going to have a counseling.
We will explain about our Photo Facial method and some attentions. If you have any questions, please ask us anything.

We will give you some test shots, as free trial course.

3. Check your skin quality

checker and sensor

We are going to check your skin condition by Moist checker, Microscope, Skin colour sensor.

We are trying to check your skin condition by sensing machine as much as we can, then we want you to understand well the chenges of your skin scientifically.

4. Put and spread the gel, then light treatment

We will leansing your face if you want. Put goggles on your eyes for protection. Put and spread the gel then start light treatment.

After the treatment, wipe up the gel then cooling off. See YouTube video.

5. Aftercare

Make up

After that, we put lotion for sedation and keep moisture. Usually(our treatment courses) we uses beauty masks and cosmetics.

We are going to explain how to care yourself after the treatment. Please make up yourself after the treatment.

6. Make a next time reservation

See you

We want check effective our treatment last time. Please make a resavation after 3 to 7 days, then please go back home. We give our customer card, please bring it next time.

If you want to change your resavation, please call or E-mail us the day before resavation date.

We are going to check next time as a free trial course. If you want to have a treatment next time, please make a contract first of all.

Yokosuka-chuo Salon

Open Hours 10am - 8pm Close on Sun.
Free Counseling and Trial

Customers Voice

No.1 Whitening Fhoto Ms. J.K Housewife

image of woman

I was going to a Clinic for a Photofacial before. The effective is not so different and the price is quite reasonable here.
They have a Photo Facial + facial massage course, this is very nice!

No.1 Spot/Freckle Photo Facial Ms. M.N Housewife

image of woman

customer voice

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Just a true short story

*Salon HILO Yokosuka Manager
Chika Kitamura

There are many customers who took 3 sessions Foto Facial treatment and are quite happy improveing their skins, then stop comming to our salon.

But I believe they come again! They remind my face and want to see me again!

The flashing light energy of IPL activate inside of your skin cell, but this effect does NOT last forever.
Unfortunately our treatment is not like a operation.

After 3 months later, you will feel some less tension on your skin. Or if you spend one summer term, a spot on your face will comes up again!

So please come to our Salon once in two months. Just 4,000 JPY in one month, like a jim or yoga. Don't stop! Keep continueing treatment is very important! It becomes a big difference on your face in 3 years later. Face is like a "business card" carrying everytime. So please keep "the beauty" in your mind first of all.

It was a scare for me first time of Photo Facial treatment. You can feel and will know what kind of the treatment that we give. Please try free trial course anytime.

We are always thinking customers satisfaction and trying to get these."Get Satisfaction more than the price" which is our wish. We are look forward to seeing you at our salon HILO Yokosuka-chuo.


Question Can you removed this spot?

If it's not a Melasma, our treatment might effective. But the effective of the treatment is depending on the person and the skin. We don't have a guarantee, they might say same thing at a clinic doctor.

Question Is it painfull?

It is like a hit pain by a rubber band. But it is different from the person and the body part.

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Price lists

We offer organic photo services as spot/freckle courses, a whitening course with organic facial.
Please pay treatment fee after finished our treatment. Also please pay 3,240JPY(including tax) as a counseling fee, when you come our salon first time only.

1stPhoto Facial(Full face)15,000 JPY
Aromatic Facial(care by hands)8,000 JPY
Ultrasonic ion introduction(Full face)8,000 JPY
  • Those prices are for the ladies. The tax is NOT included.

Cautions for the customer of Photo Facial

Caution When you come to our salon, please do NOT...


  • Get Suntan.
  • Drink alcohol.
  • Go to sauna, or hard exercises.
  • Scratch skins.

*Flashing light will burn your extra hair. So please shave hairs yourself or we will shave your hair before treatment.

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