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*Tel. 050-1500-5459
If there is't an English speaker, the English speaker will call you back shortly, please wait for a while.
*Open Hours: 10am - 8pm, Close Sunday, Monday evening.
*Address: Miura office BLD.4F, Oodaki-chyo 2-24, Yokosuka, Kanagawa Japan, Post 238-0008

*Access: 3 min. walk from Keihin kyuko line, Yokosuka-chuo St. East exit.

*Payment: You can pay by credit card. But if you pay by cash, we service as a tax free.

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The way to Salon HILO from Yokosuka-chuo St. Keihin kyuko Line

Please get out from East exit, then take the escalator to the ground.
After get off the escalator, turn left and go straight ahead.

Go through Yokohama Bank, then go straight 100m, you can see the entrance of Mikasa shopping center.

Please go straight inside of the Shopping District 100m.
You can see SoftBank on the left side, and the blue sigh "Colette".


There is an elevator beside "Colette", take the elevator to the 4F.
From the station, you don't get wet if its rain.

"Colette" is next to SoftBank. If you can't find SoftBank or if you lost, please call us anytime.

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