Salon HILO Ultrasonic ion introduction

Ultrasonic ion introduction


Cean up pores, Keep moisture inside your skin deeper by voltage.

The reason why popular ultrasonic ion introduction at HILO

Customer choose why ultrasonic ion introduction

1.Incredible oraganic cosmetics
2.No pain
3.Easy to take


Cleaning with skin scriber

We use Ultrasonic ion introduction equipment called "skin scriber".

Good points

 Wash the pores and grooves of your skin with the power of vibration, remove the keratin with Ultrasonic energy.
Ion introduction
 Weakens your skin with the power of weak current.
 With putting power by ultrasonic vibration, tighten the pores and prepare the skin texture.

It is gentle for your skin, so it is a facial who has acne.


Principle of ultrasonic ion introduction


Basics of skin beautification are how to wash

With the power of ultrasound, cleansing agent is made into mist. And emulsify make-up (oil) and moisture by emulsification action of ultrasonic wave. Usually, dirt in the skin and pores is hard to fall off. However, it removes with the power of ultrasonic wave.
Also, with the shovel scooping exercise, remove excess keratin without imposing a burden on your skin.

We adopt harmless cleaning liquid close to the most natural form. So every one can take, even those with sensitive skin.

Ultrasonic ion introduction


By applying ultrasonic wave and ion introduction at the same time, it keeps the skin's moisture and moisture. In addition, putting by intermittent pulse tightens the pores and prepares the skin texture.


Customers voice

No.1 超音波イオン導入 美白保湿イオンエステ コース


S.S 様 34歳 女性 OL



Price list
 1 session
Ultrasonic ion introduction(Full face)8,000 JPY
  • Taxes are not included in the above prices.

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