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Skin care salon HILO

We at Salon HILO will counsel and provide you with effective methods to rid you of the fundamental causes of bad skin. Our method includes organic based Asian inspired beauty treatments using hand and aromatic therapies. We also provide the latest western style treatments using our top of the line beautifying devices and equipment.

For the beginner going to a beauty salon

Salon HILO staff

We strive for our client to live happily and confidently. Free of foundations and other toxins found in everyday beauty products. We provide custom plans for each client to help them achieve their healthy skin dreams by using our “anti-aging” bare skin regeneration beauty treatments.

HILO's Hair Removal by flashing light treatment

Hair Removal by flashing light
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We are using Hair Removal machines which are safety and powerful. Which series has a history more than 10 years in Japan.

We try to attention giving the best treatments at any time as you can feel the difference.

Two major Facial treatments

Photo Facial
skin scriber

Check our treatments!
Your body and mind is reflected through your skin throughout the month. Dark spots and acne will worsen if they are not treated properly. Our goal is to provide our clients with specialized treatments with basic menu’s dependent on the skin condition.
If the treatment does not go well, we will perform physical analysis (if hormonal imbalance is involved, we will perform hormonal analysis) and will select the treatment that will best eliminate the symptoms.

There are some original treatments that we have!

We have higher level treatments, mixed with Relaxation and The beauty technique.
There are customers voice.

Ms. S.K. /Hair Removal, 17 parts

customers voice

customer pict

Ms. M.N. /Photo Facial, Spots/Freckle

customers voice

customer pict

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Three reasons why they chose HILO

Thank you lady

1. we do NOT recommend the unnecessary treatments and cosmetics.
We are selling cosmetics, but only good things and which are hard to obtain. Our cosmetics are factory production direct marketing, so there are reasonable prices.

2.Definite prices
We do NOT ask you additional costs without prices.

3. Professional staff
The esthetician of our salon has not only the technique and knowledge but also a heart of the hospitality.
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