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We have effective machines and we are always improveing treatment technique. We hope you can realize your hair loss after the treatment.

The effective of hair loss is depending on the machine, also how to use level setting and procedure of the treatment, depending on a state of the skin and the hair.

It takes 1 to 2 years to compleate hair removal. Please choose your salon which you can feel in comfortable.

Why everyone choose HILO's Hair Removal?

We asked to the customers, the reason why they chose HILO...

1. Neighborhood so easy to go. Because of the interrior of Salon is Hawaiian, so very comfortable!
2. There is NOT unnecessary recommendation and there is a good explanation. HILO is a beauty salon but like a clinic.
3. Experienced estheticians care of us well and they provide good aftercare.
4. Well trained estheticians and they have good procedure skills.
5. Treatment by the light is gentle for our skin and not so painfull, but effective.
6. Price is reasonable, and we can pay everytime for each session. Also there is refund system.
7. Easy to make a reservation.
8. On Mon. and Wed., there is a free babysitting service.
9. Some estheticians speak English.

The process of completion of our hair removal treatment.

Why can we remove the hair by the flashing light?

hair removal machine

The light energy is absorbed in a pigment of the hair, and a growing up signal of the growing up hair will stop. As a result, the only growing up hair will loss. Not growing up hair will not loss.

Our hair removal treatment will not work for the light color or very thin hair. Because the light energy is hard to be absorbed with this kind of hair.

Esthetic salon HILO's treatment is different from another salon in those parts.


Our hair removal machines are

  • Flashing light is repeating On and Off in a extremely short time.
  • Light energy is relatively high power.

The great things are

  • The temperature of the skin surface does NOT rise.
    矢印Dark-colored skin OK!
    矢印Not burn, No skin troubles!
  • Completely stop a growing up signal of the hair, without burning hair root.
    矢印Improve the efficiency of hair loss!

hair removal machine handle

Point There are some customers who have dark-colored skin, but our treatment is effective. There are some surfers also! But we can NOT give our treatment to the sunburn skin. Please watch out in the summertime.

Point There are many satisfied customers who did NOT satisfied with another hair removal Salon.

Hair cycle; Repeating hair grows and loss

Hair cycle

The hair cycle repeats for "a resting stage", "the degradation period", "a period of growth". There is a difference by an individual or body parts, but hair cycle is said to be around two months.

Growing hair is said to be around 20-30% of all hair, so evenif our treatment will work 100%, 70-80% hair might grow someday. So after two monts, some of the rest hair will grow up.

In the case of Japanese, hair cycle is shorter in summer time and longer in winter time. It is said to be the face hair cycle is about 1 month.

The schedule of Hair Removal treatment
 The point is going to Salon HILO after your hair growth, as possible as dark and thick!

Hair Removal treatment schedule

Please come to our Salon when your hair grows as possible as dark and thick, for example after two months from first session. Your hair gradually thinner and lighter, if you come to our salon when hair grew up well every time. Usually it takes around 5 sessions or more.

After 2nd session, normally visit our salon once in around three months or more.
Because no hair term will longer than after 1st session. If our treatment is effective, it takes longer term to growing up.

Come if every month...

  • Need many many tratments to compleate
  • Need much longer terms to compleate
  • Sometimes you will get strange hair which can NOT loss by our light treatment.

The image of the hair decreases

Sometimes you can find hair falls out, but most of the times you feel your hair doesn't grown up for one month. But after that thin hair will grow up gradually.

The number of session times and the period of the session on this image, there is a difference depending on an individual or a body parts.

Hair removal image

Hair Removal free trial course

We want you to know what kind of treatment that we provide, so we prepare for a free trial course.

1. Make a Reservation


Please make a resavation by Web Form or call us. You can stop by our salon any time, but you might wait more than 30 min. most of all the times.
If you have any question, please call us first of all. If there is not English speaker at that time, English speaker will call you back later.
Free trial/counseling

2. The first visit


Welcome to HILO! May I help you?
Please tell your name to the esthetician at the reception.

Please fill in a hearing sheet. Based on the that sheet, we are going to have a counseling.

We will explain about a hair removal method and some attentions. If you have any questions, please ask us anything.

We will give you some test shots, as free trial course. Please come our Salon HILO again after 10 days. If you really want to have our treatment, please make a contract and start treatment. Offcause you can have treatment on the first visit, if there is no problem for you and on your skin condition.

3. Check your hair quality

Check before treatment

Please change your clothe to a bathrobe when your clothe disturb our treatment. We check your hair volume and set the light power level of hair removal machine.

4. Put and spread the gel, then light treatment and aftercare

Put goggles on your eyes for protection. Put and spread the gel then start light treatment.

After the treatment, wipe up the gel then cooling off. After that, we put lotion for sedation and keep moisture.

We are going to explain how to care yourself after the treatment.

See YouTube video which gives a treatment of the under arms(2 minutes 19 seconds).

5. Make a next time reservation

See you

We want check how much effective our treatment last time. Please make a resavation after 10 to 14 days, then please go back home. We give our customer card, please bring it next time.

If you want to change your resavation, please call or E-mail us the day before resavation date.

We are going to check next time as a free trial course. If you want to have a treatment next time, please make a contract first of all.

Customers Voice

No.1 17 Body parts

image of a woman

Ms. N.M. , Office lady

I checked hair removal salon in Yokosuka by the internet. I could trusted salon HILO best in Yokosuka. My hair doesn't come up for a long time every time.
Every staff is very kind and their treatment is very carefully and good. Also I am enjoying talking with them.

No.1 Bikini Line

images of the woman

Ms. A.Y. , Housewife

It was about five years ago, I had a laser hair removal at a clinic. It was so painfull so I gave up.
HILO's hair removal is not so painfull and quite effective. I think they provide good service.

1See More of customers voice

Just a true short story

Salon HILO yokosuka Manager
*Salon HILO Yokosuka Manager
Chika Kitamura

There are a lot of hair removal method in this world. Hair removal by flashing light is getting popular in Japan thesedays.

There are so many hair removal flashing machines in Japan. Some are not effective at all and it was hard to find a really good one. So we tested many times with our hair and we are using effective machines only.

We are chooseing the type of the machines depending on the body parts or hair type.

To keep safety and effective, we are checking our technique all the time and practicing so many times. Hair removal treament needs quite many knowledge and experience.

We are always thinking customers satisfaction and trying to get these.

"Get Satisfaction more than the price" which is our wish.

We are look forward to seeing you at our salon HILO Yokosuka-chuo.


Question Is it painfull?

It is like a hit pain by a rubber band. But it is different from the person and the body part.

Question Are we going to lost hair after the treatment suddenly?

No. It takes about 10 days to loss hair, after that taking a rest hair will try to come out next. Sometimes you feel no hair term for 1 month, but you get thin hair after that. Then you get hair a lot but you feel thinner and not so many than before.

See more FAQ

Price lists

By each size -S, M, L - , we have three charge systems at 1 session; one-body part, four-body parts set and seven-body parts set.
Please pay treatment fee after finished our treatment. Also please pay 3,240JPY(including tax) as a counseling fee, when you come our salon first time only.

No.S size body partM size body partL size body part
1Under arms1Above elbows(&Shoulders)Upper back
2Back of hands and fingersBelow elbowsLower back
3Instep and toesNecklineChest
4KneesBikini lines2Belly
5Upper lipShouldersUpper knees
6Surroundings of mouthWaistBelow knees3
7Chin, or CheeksEyebrowsHips(&Waist)
8Brow Full Face
12Around Navel  
1 session3,300 JPY6,600 JPY9,900 JPY
4 parts 1 session10,560 JPY21,120 JPY31,680 JPY
7 parts 1 session16,170 JPY32,340 JPY48,510 JPY
  • Those prices are for the ladies. Please ask about the price of the body parts which is not specified.
  • The tax is NOT included. Please pay cash price + tax charge(8%) also.
  • You can change the body part to the same size part. When you want changeing the body part to the diferent size part,
    M size←→S size*2
    L size←→S size*3
    L size*2←→M size*3

Cautions for the customer of Hair Removal

Caution When you come to our salon, please do NOT...


  • Get suntan.
  • Put on sunscreen cream.
  • Drink alcohol.
  • Go to sauna, or hard exercises.
  • Scratch skins.

*Do NOT use tweezers, and don’t try to pull hair yourself.

*We would like to check your hair, so please do NOT shave your hair before comming to our Salon first time.

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