Treatment Flow

Treatment Flow

Explanation of Salon HILO

We explain our operation starting from make a resavation until go back.

  1. Make a resavation
  2. Comming to our salon
  3. Counseling
  4. Treatment
  5. After care, Make Up
  6. Accounting

1. Make a resavation

Lets call Salon HILO!*

Please make a resavation by Web Form or call us. You can stop by our salon any time, but you might wait more than 30 min. most of all the times.

If you have any question, please call us first of all. If there is not English speaker at that time, English speaker will call you back later.

*Online reservation form (first visit customer/free counseling)
Go To Reservation form (Free counseling)

*Online reservation form (trial course)
Go To Open SSL reservation form (trial course)

Yokosuka-chuo Salon

TEL. 050-1500-5459
Open Hours 10am - 8pm, Close on Sunday.

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Free Counseling and Trial

2. First visit

The Entrance of Salon HILO
Welcome to HILO!*

May I help you?
Please tell your name to the esthetician at the reception.

Some times we are busy for another customer's treatment. If there is no staff comming please ring the bell, have a seat and wait for a while.

3. Counseling

We explain carefully and well.*

Please fill in a hearing sheet. Based on that sheet, we are going to have a counseling.
We will explain about our treatment method and some attentions, also about contractions. If you have any questions, please ask us anything.

We sometimes check your skin condition by microscope, moistchecker or skin colour sensor.

If you don't ave any problems and want to have our treatment, please make a contract and start streatment. If you just want to have a trial, we can give you some test shots as a free.

4. Treatment

Our Treatment
Polite tretment*

Please change your clothe to a bathrobe when your clothe disturb our treatment. Please relax and you can sleep if you want.

5. Aftercare

After care
Checking your skin*

After the treatment, wipe up the gel then cooling off. After that, we put lotion for sedation and keep moisture. We are going to explain how to care yourself after the treatment.

6. Check

Giving customer card
Please pay after the treatment*

You can make a next visit resavation if you want.

You can pay by card, but please pay 10% more as a credit card commission.

Credit card

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