Salon HILO Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Salon HILO Frequently Asked Questions

There are Frequently Asked Questions from our customers. If you can't find the answer, please ask us anything.

  1. FAQ about hair removal
  2. FAQ about Photo Facial

FAQ about hair removal

Question Do I need admission fee or additional fee for gel?

We do NOT ask you additional free. Please pay just on the list of price.

Question How often do I have to come this salon?

Basically come once for two months until 3rd sesson. Afer that we recmmend come once for 3 months or more, because no hair term will get longer and longer every time after session if our treatment is effective.

Question I can not go to salon every 2 months. May be once for 6 month. Will your treatment work?

Offcause yes. There is no problem. If your hair is thiker, our treatment effect more.

Question Can I make a resavation easilly for more than 2nd session?

Yes you can make a resavation. There are appropriate people; staff and appropriate number of facilities.

Question Can I come this salon during menstruation?

If there is no problem on your skin, please come to our salon.

Question Do I have to shave my hair?

We want check your hair type, so please don't shave your hair when first visit. When you come our salon more than 2nd session, please shave your hair the day before comming our salon. If your skin have a problem after shaving, please shave 2 days before comming our salon.

Do NOT pull your hair, do NOT use wax.

*If you pull your hair, our treatment does NOT work at all.

Question What's happen if I've got pregnant, after some sessions?

There is no bloblem for the baybe. But please stop comming our salon for about 1 year, untill finishing suckle. Just the hair comes up easilly because of the unbalanceing of hormone.

You can have a break for 1 year. After that please come and start again!

Question If I have to move another place, what should I do?

Please call us. We have a refund system.

Question How long does it take for 17 body parts treatment at one time?

Please come to our salon more than 2 times. It takes about 3 to 4 hours for 1 treatment. So our recommendation is come to our salon more than 3 times for 17 body parts treatment.

Question I'm 16 years old now. Can I have hair removal treatment?

You need your parents signature, if under 18 years old. Then you can have our treatment. But after hair removal you might have some hair again or our treatment is not so effective sometimes, because of the hormone balance.

Question I am a Man. Can I go to salon HILO?

Many woman comming to our salon, so you can come to our salon after 6pm if there in no resavation. And the price is 20% up than womans.

Question Is it painfull?

It is like a hit pain by a rubber band. But it is different from the person and the body part. Not so pain ful like a razor, needle or wax, but if it is no pain, no effect.

Question After finished hair removal, the hair will not grow forever?

Some woman do not have hair for 8 years and still, but some have hair after 3 years. Its depend on person.

Question I go to the hospital every week and taking some drugs. Can I go to salon HILO?

Some times we want you to ask your doctor if our flash light might bad effect or not because of taking drugs.

Question I'm taking flash light hair removal treatment on under arms, I feel get easy to wet.

Basically the hair on under arms is for get away from friction or get rid of the moisture. We think because of the lack of those functions if you lost hair on under arms.

Question I used to go to hair removal salon for 2 times then that salon is closed and no mone back!

When we can not run this salon at the same place, we try to start same new salon close to old salon. But if its hard, we have a private salon in Yokohama. Our customer can go to this private salon continuously.

Question Can I nominate a staff by name?

Yes you can. But there is an additional price 3,000 JPY for the treatment everytime.

Question Why you can give treatments for good price?

We cut waste cost without education for the staff and the cosmetics for the treatment. And our customer bring customers friends and many customer find us by the internet! We do NOT pay extra advertisement. So our salon can run for a long term.

FAQ about Photo Facial

Question Do you have an admission fee or can I keep my cosmetics?

No we do NOT ask you to pay admission fee. And you can not keep your cosmetics.

Question How often do I have to go this salon?

Basically please come to our salon once a month if you are under 40 years old. If you are over 40 years old, please come to our salon once in 2 months or more.

Question Do I have to bring something?

Please bring make up cosmetics. If you come to our salon in sunny daytime, please bring parasol or hat. If you ware Contact lenses and want to take those off during treatment, please bring those cases.

Question If I get suntan before treatment, what should I do?

Sometimes we might not give our treatment depending on your body body part. Suntan is BAD for your skin, put and spread UV milk usually.

Question Your tretment will effect me really?

Offcause depending on person. But most of all peope get itch on the next day of the treatment. After in 2 weeks, you might feed the differences on your skin when make up.

Question I have acne skin. Does your treatment effect?

You will feel the differences after 3 sessions. It's hard to effect only one session.

Question I have red face. Does your treatment effect to me?

We had this kind of customer before, it took 5 sessons for 10 months. She was about 65 years old. Offcaase the effect of our treatment is depends on the person.

We can say one thing that usually it takes a long long time to get thicker skin.

Question Can I have a hair removal and photo facial treatment on the same date?

If you want hair removal on your face, you can NOT have a treatment on the same date with photo facial. Please come after 1 week or more. Our recomendation is come our salon every month and have hair removal or photo facial.

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