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  • The first visit customer who wants to take our treatment.
    *Go down and send your request from Online Reservation Form
    (Reservation system will send E-mail to you automatically. Please just send us back that E-mail. Then compleate your reservation.)
    *OR please call us if its open hours.
  • The first visit customer who have questions or wants consulting.
    *Please call us.
  • You can stop by our salon anytime, but we give a priority to customers who made a reservation. If you don't make a resavation and stop by our Salon, you might wait 30 min. or more. So please make a resavation as possibe as you can and don't be late at that date and time.

  • The customer who make a resavation again.
    *Please E-mail or Line us or Call us.
  • You can find the available date and time on the calendar.


Contact by calling us

man calling

*When our all staff is busy for the treatment, a man will answer your call. But don't warry. He knows well about the treatment so please ask anything!

Counseling and free trial Web Reservation Form

Reservation Step

1Please check the notes
2 Enter the required information
3 Please check the contents
4 Complete the registration
5 Reply to E-mail (Or wait calling from Salon HILO)
6 Reservation completed!

After completion of the registration, you will get "Complete the registration E-mail". Please check your mail box.

Please call when you don't get "Complete the registration E-mail". You might typed in wrong E-mail address or,

*Check your E-mail rejection setting or spam e-mail box.

  • Please chenge your setting to get E-mail from

If there is no problem from the above,

Open SSL New window; Counseling and free trial Web Reservation Form

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