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Concept of the beauty salon HILO

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Skincare Beauty salon HILO, Not only valueing Comfortable and Relaxation, but also pursueing effect and the result.
Basis on medical and science,
We are improving our treatment everyday, and provide best treatment reasonable.

Refresh your mind and get attractive skin, We want you to have better life and more happiness.

A characteristic and mission of salon HILO

No.1 in Yokosuka

To get high satisfaction,
high reliable,
from the customer.

Every staff passed the test and trainig always, kaizen and resarching the best treatment always.

There are many beauty salon and some are useing same beauty machines. Srervice prices are quite reasonable these days.

Finally the differences of the Beauty salon are ...

  • Not only using beauty machines, but also the technique of the effective use.
  • The staff who can always give you a relieve, kindness and satisfaction.
Those two points.

HILO's mission is train reliable staff and grow them up.

Our 7 declaration

Our Promise

1. No pussy sails
We do NOT recommend expensive cosmetics or an unnecessary treatment course.
2. Polite counseling
Please ask anything until you understand everything. Counseling is free of charge. If you understand everything, please sign on the agreement paper.
3. Definite price
We do NOT ask additional price and we have a refund system.
4. Professional staff
Our staff learned well about hair removal and the skin care, and have a lot of knowledges. We give an appropriate treatment to the customer depending on their skin condition.
5. Safe and relief
We are using effective machines only. Our staff lerned operation well.
In addition, We are managing and protecting your personal information.
6. Clean
All the appliances useing for a treatment is clean. We do NOT reuse gel. We pay attention cleaness for everything.
7. Doctor support
A Dr. cooperates with our salon. Please contact us immediately when there is an abnormality on your skin after our treatment.
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