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Price Lists

Salon HILO Staff

We suggest the appropriate course as possible as we can in counseling. If you have a hope or demand, let us know.

Please pay treatment fee after finished our treatment. Also please pay 3,240JPY(including tax) as a counseling fee, when you come our salon first time only.
You can pay by Credit Card. But pay by cash as possible as you can please, that would help us.
Credit Card

Hair Removal Menu

By each size -S, M, L - , we have three charge systems at 1 session; one-body part, four-body parts set and seven-body parts set.

No.S size body partM size body partL size body part
1Under arms1Above elbows(&Shoulders)Upper back
2Back of hands and fingersBelow elbowsLower back
3Instep and toesNecklineChest
4KneesBikini lines2Belly
5Upper lipShouldersUpper knees
6Surroundings of mouthWaistBelow knees3
7Chin, or CheeksEyebrowsHips(&Waist)
8Brow Full Face
12Around Navel  
1 session3,300 JPY6,600 JPY9,900 JPY
4 parts 1 session10,560 JPY21,120 JPY31,680 JPY
7 parts 1 session16,170 JPY32,340 JPY48,510 JPY
  • Those prices are for the ladies. Please ask about the price of the body parts which is not specified.
  • The tax is NOT included. Please pay cash price + tax charge(8%) also.
  • You can change the body part to the same size part. When you want changeing the body part to the diferent size part,
    M size←→S size*2
    L size←→S size*3
    L size*2←→M size*3

Facial Menu

We offer organic photo services as spot/freckle courses, a whitening course with organic facial.

We massage the decollete and head with selected pack and massage with our advanced techniques.

1stOrganic Photo (Full face)15,000 JPY
Aromatic Facial(care by hands)8,000 JPY
Electro Poration(Full face)10,000 JPY
Ultrasound Iontophoretic(Full face)8,000 JPY
  • Those prices are for the ladies. The tax is NOT included.
  • We also have Face pack and Massage course.

*We want all customers make happy, we changed all menus and prices in November, 2012.

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